29 October 2014

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे !!! At the end we will only..

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे !!!.

भले ही झगड़े, गुस्सा करे,

एक दूसरे पर टूट पड़े

एक दूसरे पर दादागिरि करने के

लिये, अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

जो कहना हे, वह कह ले,

जो करना हे, वह कर ले

एक दुसरे के चश्मे और

लकड़ी ढूँढने में,

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

मैं रूठूं तो तुम मना लेना,

तुम रूठो ताे मै मना लूँगा

एक दुसरे को लाड़ लड़ाने के लिये,

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

आँखे जब धुँधली होंगी,

याददाश्त जब कमजोर होंगी

तब एक दूसरे को एक दूसरे

मे ढूँढने के लिए,

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

घुटने जब दुखने लगेंगे,

कमर भी झुकना बंद करेगी

तब एक दूसरे के पांव के नाखून काटने के लिए,

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

“मेरी हेल्थ रिपोर्ट एक दम नॉर्मल

है, आइ एम आलराईट

ऐसा कह कर ऐक दूसरे को

बहकाने के लिए,

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

साथ जब छूट जायेगा,

बिदाई की घड़ी जब आ जायेगी

तब एक दूसरे को माफ करने के लिए,

अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे….


Shashi Kumar Aansoo & Simpi Singh

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07 October 2014

12 Habits of Extraordinarily Motivated People


"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence." ~Confucius

Extraordinarily motivated people are driven to go above and beyond, they are trusted by others, focused and have great confidence in their own abilities. They dream of endless possibilities, and tend to be extremely satisfied with their lives. They are more likely to receive a raise, receive a dream project, maintain longer relationships, and get promoted or recruited than their unmotivated peers.

Seeking and achieving your dreams means you are really living your life. Ready to get motivated and become all you can be? Try some or all of these habits of extraordinarily motivated people and perhaps you too will find the courage to live a life of fulfilled dreams.

1. They’re internally motivated.

It is their intrinsic desire to be their best selves and succeed that drives their motivation. They are internally driven–not pushed–toward new adventures, the unfolding journey, and the possible outcomes–they relish challenging themselves, learning, and exploring.

2. They don’t waste time judging.

They objectively observe the successes and mistakes of others and learn from them instead of judging or comparing themselves. They don’t waste their time with judgmental, gossipy people either.

3. They are humble.

They are willing to admit they made a mistake and apologize. They encourage feedback from others and use it to take steps in the right direction.

4. They look at the up side.

Instead of focusing on what’s not working and bad experiences–which so many of us tend to do–they instead focus on what is working and their successes. If they find themselves over-thinking a miscalculation, they automatically flip a switch and think about those things they did do right.

5. They are authentic.

They are true to themselves despite what others think–they don’t live their lives solely to please others.

6. They push beyond their comfort zone.

Extraordinarily motivated people face discomfort head on–they never choose the easy route–to get what they want. They push themselves out of their comfort zone and get rid of those annoying internal voices that say, “You are limited in what you can do.” They trust their abilities and know they will come out on top.

7. They continue to learn.

They read a lot and are brilliant observers–they are always watching and searching for new, more efficient, and faster ways to achieve. They understand that in order to grow as a person, they must always continue to learn.

8. They know what they want.

They have a clear vision of what they want their lives to look like and who they want to be. Their clarity comes with the wisdom to know what things to harness and what things to avoid. Their mottos are, “Never say never,” and “Anything is possible.”

9. They don’t give up.

When they stumble over that proverbial bump in the road, they problem solve, come up with a plan, take action, and get past it. They understand that a sure way to lose a battle is to quit–which is not a part of their vocabulary or an option.

10. They don’t blame others.

They never blame others for their failures. They understand that ultimately they alone are in charge of their actions and choices and no other.

11. They take time for themselves.

They know that in order to stay motivated and on top of their game, they have to carve out time for themselves. Rewards of time away from it all and taking care of themselves are more important to them than material possessions.

12. They surround themselves with motivators.

Their friends are those who are trustworthy, positive, supportive, and bring out the best in them unconditionally. Their friends help them take on the world side by side and, when needed, help them get back on their feet again.


by Peter Economy On inc.com

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04 October 2014

Whatever you resist you become

Whatever you resist you become.

If you resist anger, you are always angry.

If you resist sadness, you are always sad.

If you resist suffering, you are always suffering.

If you resist confusion,you are always confused.

We think that we resist certain states because they are there,

but actually they are there because we resist them.

— Adyashanti


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03 October 2014

Happy Dussehra! Pledge to remove the Ravna for ourselves.

In ur life, may the good triumph over evil; and may you achieve the strength and courage to follow the path of righteousness!

Make a new beginning from today….

Lets pledge to defeat & remove the Ravna for ourselves.


Happy Dussehra


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02 October 2014

01 October 2014

Defeat Procrastination, Once And For All

Do you procrastinate at home, work or school? Are you tired of wasting time and want to get things done once and for all? Whether we care to admit it or not, we all procrastinate from time to time. It’s just a part of human nature!


Fortunately, there are ways to defeat the beat of procrastination. These fifteen tips will help you get started in the right direction.

  1. Request an external deadline.

Do you do you work better when you’re working under a deadline? Even if you do set deadlines for yourself, you might find it’s not enough to help you get things done. Why not switch things around and ask for an external deadline instead? If you’re working with others, ask when you need to complete a task or project. If you’re working alone, ask a close friend or family member to set an arbitrary deadline. This way, you have a deadline and can be held accountable for your actions.

  1. Break away from people who are bad influences on you.

Hanging out with people who help you procrastinate, or otherwise distract you from your responsibilities can be tricky. You may voluntarily want to spend time with these people, but you may find it’s harder to get things done when you hang out with them or when they are around. Consider limiting your time spend around these people when you need to accomplish tasks, when you are under deadline, or when you are otherwise finding it difficult to focus on your work.

  1. Update your work materials or equipment.

An old computer that takes forever to load, a pair of scissors that makes cutting paper a chore, a broken garage door… You might not realize it, but your reluctance in using a particular piece of equipment, might be preventing you from finishing your work. Think about it for a moment. Do you tend to avoid particular tasks or chores because you absolutely cannot stand using a particular tool or piece of equipment? Try either updating, sharpening or replacing this obstacle so you can get on with your work.

  1. Eliminate distractions in your immediate environment.

Do you know what distracts you as you work or when you are procrastinating? You might always find something to do such as checking Facebook or Pinterest, watching television, checking your emails and so on. Sounds familiar? Reduce temptation as you work by purposefully eliminating or reducing distractions. In the examples above, you could disconnect from the Internet, log off of your accounts and email, or try working in a completely different environment.

  1. Work together with a friend or colleague.

If you’re having trouble sitting down so you can actually get your work done, try working side by side with a friend or colleague. You can schedule a time to work and each bring a piece of work which you’re having a difficult time completing. Sometimes all you need to get your work done is a bit of companionship and the knowledge that someone else is working on something they don’t particularly want to work on either.

  1. Change your environment.

Are you a bit too comfortable when you work from home or at your office? Maybe things are the other way around and you are wholly uncomfortable. Perhaps things are a bit too noisy, too quiet, too cold or too hot for your taste. If this is the case you might want to shake things up with a change in scenery or in your immediate environment. You could try working in a coffee shop, in a local park, in a library or another area of your home or office.

  1. Promise something before you create it.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to write a blogging tutorial, deliver a motivational speech to your weekly volunteer group or a basket of home-baked treats for a charity bake sale. Instead of letting things drag on any further, make a promise to deliver something before you actually start working on it. This not only sets a deadline, but also holds you accountable in front of others. There’s nothing left for you to do but get to work.

  1. Get outside the front door.

Sometimes all you need to get moving with your work is to simply get your body moving. All you have to do is turn your attention from your mind to your body, and put your body into action. Let’s say you have to run some errands. Instead of fussing about it, you could just put on your shoes and coat, pick up your bag or purse, gather up any related items you’ll need, open the front the door and step outside. It would be silly for you to turn around at this point in time as you’re now literally one step closer to completing your task.

  1. Choose three simple tasks to work on right now.

Are you overwhelmed with a large project? Instead of procrastinating any further, spring into action by breaking your work down into smaller, more manageable tasks. What project do you have going on right now that seems to be overwhelming? What three small tasks could you do right now? These really can be simple things, such as placing a phone call, doing a quick bit of research online, or making sure you have the right materials to begin your project.

  1. Learn a new skill.

When was the last time you learned a new skill to help you with your work? For example, you might be procrastinating when it comes to working on your company’s website because you don’t know anything about SEO. Educating yourself about something, even the smallest bit of information, can make you feel more competent…and also knowledgeable. It’s always okay to feel a bit scared or unsure when you’re working on something new, but you shouldn’t let it prevent you from getting your work done.

  1. Set aside a specific amount of time to do something.

This is an oldie but a goodie: set a deadline for your work. Let’s say you have a personal project you’d like to complete, such as putting together your family tree. However, you never seem to get around to do it. You could take action by setting a final deadline for the project and entering in specific amounts of time in your calendar for you to do your research.

  1. Layout all the tools you’ll need to begin.

Get a jump on your work by pulling out all the materials or tools you’ll need to work on a particular project or task. Once you take everything out and set everything up, there’s nothing left for you to do but to begin. When it comes to finally baking a cake for your Aunt’s Mary’s birthday, simply pull out the flour, eggs, butter, sugar, baking soda and powder, preheat the oven, grease the cake pans and get baking. You’ve already put in so much work getting things ready, you might as well finish the task at hand.

  1. Figure out why you’re procrastinating.

Do you know why you’re procrastinating? You might feel lazy, bored, scared and unsure of yourself or any other number of emotions. However, it’s quite different when you actually identify the thing that is the source of your procrastination. Be honest with yourself. What do you feel? Why are avoiding your work? Once you hone in on the issue at hand, you can better find a solution that is tailored to helping you solve your problem.

  1. Attack your work first thing in the morning.

Make the most out of your mornings and take on any particularly troublesome work first thing. You’ll be freshly rested, energized and ready to take on the day and can channel this energy into finally achieving that which you’ve been putting off for week after week. Once you’re done, you’ll have your entire day ahead of you, free and clear.

  1. Just do it!

Sometimes in life you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do. Don’t think twice about the tasks or work you need to complete. Tell yourself, “I’m going to do this,” get your materials ready, take a deep breath and dive right in. You’ll feel a lot better knowing you triumphed against procrastination and finished what you set out do

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