08 January 2011

Bat karne se bat banti hai- Tips to makes your relationship alive

Todays we are living in 21th Century the world becomes global village in one touch we can know what happening in USA, UK & LA we have many sources for breaking news but one more fact ia laying that today we don't know who is our neighbor, what's happening in my family... How much miss your love ones to listen your voice we are not so much closed to own families (exceptions are happier) Are we really becomes so much advanced that we don't have a minutes to call them to say good morning, how are you??? I met many ppl who doesn't care I request to think over it after all they are our first priority

I outlined 3 Keys to makes GREAT relationship

1. Contribution

2. Connection

3. Completion

A key point that how

1. I accept people totally and completely as they are and I allow others to be as they are. I know that they are perfect teachers for my journey of acceptance and understanding.

2. I look for opportunities to connect with, contribute and make a difference to another person at least once a day. This is what leads to true connection and fulfilment.

3. I am deeply grateful for all the people in my life who make my life so easy and rich. I show my appreciation at every possible opportunity.

4. I take nothing personally and accept that everyone is on their own journey of growth and learning. I forgive and let of any past grievances.

5. I look for the love and goodness in others for love is all that matters.

6. I bring more joy, happiness and love in my life and other people’s ives.

7. I will practice appreciation & gratitude daily and I promise to learn and improve my gratitude dance!!

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