23 January 2014

Be the best version of yourself

I remember one quote of steve Jobs
“We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”
This is the words which always keep igniting me to always for the best and i believe always be the best version of myself.

Being the best person that you can be is the way of the gentleman.

A man cannot be perfect, but striving towards the basic core of humanity and decency is what makes a gentleman, once you dig beneath the suits and the smiles. A true gentleman knows his limits and keeps trying to stretch them, going further to both improve himself and to aid other people in whatever way he can.

Find your best qualities and work on them.
Find your worst qualities and work on trying to improve them.

The real secret of how to be a gentleman lies in being yourself—but the best version of yourself that you can work towards and improve on so you can be the best ‘you’ you can be.

By Shashi Kumar Aansoo

22 January 2014

Follow Your Soul’s Voice : That speaks your heart’s truest truth

There is a voice within you that goes beyond your rapid thoughts, beyond what is right or wrong by anyone’s standards.

There is a still voice within that speaks your heart’s truest truth.
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That voice is the soul voice. That voice is the voice of truth. It guides you to what is right for you in this moment.

At times though, let’s be real, it’s hard to hear. We have our mind’s chatter, our fears, what we “should do,” what we “shouldn’t do.” We battle the demons of fear, and we can’t hear the guidance within. I get it.

When making big decisions in life, it’s essential to take time to go within. Light a candle. Take some alone time. Ask for guidance from a wise friend or mentor, but still go within.

Ask your soul, “What is true for me?” Ask your soul, “What feels right?” “What feels good?” Allow the answer to come up. It might or might not be what you want to hear, but be open to what is best for you.

The soul doesn’t think about temporary or quick fixes. The soul cares about your soul’s growth. The soul cares about sustainable happiness and peace.

What is your soul saying to you?

Write down the messages that come up for you. Share in the comments below if you feel inspired.

17 January 2014

Motorcycle Hand Signals You Should Know

If you’re a new motorcyclist or often find yourself driving behind one, you may wonder about the different hand signals used and want to know what they mean. For new motorcyclists or those traveling in groups, it’s important to know what these hand signals mean so that you can communicate properly while driving.
How do you signal a left turn? How do you let someone know that you’re about to stop? How do you tell your motorcycle group that they need to get in single file? All of those motorcycle hand signals and more can be found on this chart. All motorcycles are supposed to be equipped with a lamp-type turn signal system, but just like with a car or truck these lights can go out. In a siltation like this, these hand signals are even more important.
If you drive any other type of automobile, it’s still important to know some of these motorcycle hand signals. If you’re driving behind a motorcyclist without working lights, you should know if they’re signaling a left or right turn . Even signals like “hazard in roadway,” “turn signal on,” and “cops ahead” can really be helpful.
Is there a hand signal that you often see motorcyclists using? If you’ve found this infographic helpful, be sure to share the knowledge.
Motorcycle Hand Signals Chart | Visual.ly

15 January 2014

ज़िन्दा हैं तो प्याला पुरा भर ले

ज़िन्दा हैं तो प्याला पुरा भर ले
कंचा फूटे चूरा कांच कर ले
ज़िन्दगी का ये घड़ा ले
एक सांस में चढ़ा ले
हिचकियों में क्या है मरना
पूरा मर ले...

कोयला काला है
चट्टानों पे पाला
अन्दर काला बाहर काला
पर सच्चा है साला
ज़िन्दा हैं तो प्याला पुरा भर ले
कंचा फूटे चूरा कांच कर ले
कंचा फूटे चूरा कांच कर ले
उलझे क्यूँ पैरों में ये ख़्वाब
क़दमों से रेशम खींच दे
पीछे कुछ ना आगे का हिसाब
इस पल की क्यारी सींच दे

आग जुबां पे रख दे
फिर चोट के होठ भिगायेंगे
घाव गुनगुनायेंगे
तेरे दर्द गीत बन जायेंगे 

ज़िन्दा हैं तो प्याला पुरा भर ले
कंचा फूटे चूरा कांच कर ले
ज़िन्दगी का ये घड़ा ले
एक सांस में चढ़ा ले
हिचकियों में क्या है मरना
पूरा मर ले...

This is the lyrics I liked most in 2013 which sung beautifully by Son of shankar Mahadevan ..

12 January 2014

Stop Snoozing and Just Do It

I make a better Schedule and plan forStop Snoozing and Just Do It everyday but most of the "To Do" Is Killed at thier Startup due to Hitting the snooze button...

I believe that procrastinating behavior is the only reason for day to day failure and result a loss of confidence & self steem.

Everyday we all are suffering from this procrastination habits and interestingly we all don't feel what abolishing our life.. Hitting the Snooze button is easiest way we found at the every reminder our gutts feeling remind the mind to do what planned or to do but Mind supress that thought very ruthlessly and make himself understood with justified excuse... The fight between conscious mind and active mind is really seems so exitingb &  being third existence see this all siting at the bank of all activity make you either laugh or fills with guilt... what rubbish all this happening and I am not aware.. the battle between conscious mind and active mind always on and mostly activite mind WIN in general so if you don't want o count yourself "IN GENERAL" then firstly make a ruthless habbit "TO DO NOW" each and every thing which comes in front of you as any situation if that is for now then never hit the snooze button and procastinate the task and this is applicable in anything anywhere any situation and any conditions REMEMBER
"Winners don't do different things they do things differently- #ShivKhera "

1. MAKE A SCHEDULE  : Always make a full week schedule before going to bed on Sunday night.

2. MAKE SHORT TERM GOAL : After making perfect schedule set a goal for the week & There must be a clearly written short terms goal mentioned what targeted to achieve at the end of this week.

3. BE RUTHLESS : Yes .. Be Ruthless towards your work accomplishment.. No any To Do missed out and skipped or snoozed.

4. KEEP YOURSELF CONSCIOUS : Most importantly to win in this battel of active & Conscious mind you have to keep yourself conscious constantly and never let ur active mind to overcome on you.

5. BE CONSISTENT : Yup.. This s not one time effort its ongoing process to keep your self motivating and consistent to win-win..

"Just Be Nothing Less Than The Best" By Shashi Kumar आँसू


Fact you must know About Vitamin D

Vitamin D does not get enough attention, which may explain why a massive 50 – 90% of us are thought to have a deficiency. Vitamin D is acquired through contact with sunlight, consuming vitamin rich foods such as eggs, mushrooms and fish, and supplements to aid our bodies to regulate calcium absorption.

Vitamin D is also thought to be involved in our immune systems and to play roles in multiple types of diseases.

Babies require 400IU of vitamin D, adults 600IU whilst those aged over 50 and pregnant women need a massive 800IU. The ideal way for us to take in Vitamin D would be 90% through sunlight and 10% through food, or an equal 30% to food, sunlight and supplements. However, we actually gain the vitamin via sunlight just 10% of the time, 20% through food, and 20% via supplements, leaving 40% of insufficiency. This insufficiency can lead to headaches, pain, muscle weakness and can ultimately lead to very serious health issues.

Vitamin D is important! Why not get out in the sun and/ or eat some vitamin D rich foods today, and feel healthier!

Vitamin D More Than Just A Vitamin

Thanks & Regards,
Shashi Kumar Aansoo
Author of #InspiringShashi Blog

Living The Best Today

"Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin D" http://feedly.com/k/1dFhmpD

10 January 2014

Living Best Today : Niceness

There are several things which put a obstacles in your daily living and hold you down to make your today not as per your dream desired...

Everybody is suffering from same conditions..

Being Nice every time with everybody is really a big practice and matter of great calmness.

I found that Nice people are not just nice in situations when most people are nice — they are nice even in situations where “niceness” is not expected. Many time you found things are not as per your expectations.. Let it be!! You can not change others way of working & thinking so lets follow your upbringing & do what you decided. Living best today is really not easy it need  Perfect discipline consistent practice and ruthless commitment.

Lets Step Up.......

#Today.. 5 Min Reading
#Shashi Kumar Aansoo

07 January 2014

Love is only a word

Life is too short for us to keep important words, for example, ‘I love you’, locked in our hearts.
But do not always expect to hear the same words back. We love because we need to love. Otherwise, love loses all meaning and the sun ceases to shine.
A rose dreams of enjoying the company of bees, but none appears. The sun asks:
‘Aren’t you tired of waiting?’
‘Yes,’ answers the rose, ‘but if I close my petals, I will wither and die.’
And yet, even when Love does not appear, we remain open to its presence. Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush everything, the only way to resist is to keep on loving.

Our one true choice is to plunge into the mystery of that uncontrollable force.
Then we discover, when we go home, that someone was there waiting for us, looking for the same thing we were looking for and experiencing the same anxieties and longings.
Because love is like the water that is transformed into a cloud: it’s lifted up into the heavens, where it can see everything from a distance, aware that, one day, it will have to return to earth.
Because love is like the cloud that is transformed into rain: it is drawn down to the earth, where it waters the fields.

Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force.
Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning.
Don’t give up. 

Remember, it’s always the last key on the keyring that opens the door.

Courtesy: Paulo Coelho

"To Love is like a therapy which cure everything and purify the soul. I don't know how to describe this in sophisticated language but its true that love is the only ultimate choice to enjoy every existence. Love! Whom I love? I Love a beautiful girl I love who make me possible to exist in this world my maternal grand Pa I love each people who come in between of my race of life I love my self i love this world thier people thier differences thier diversity thier innocence thier ruthness thier selfishness thier devotion thier beauty thier everything thing. I love this omnipresent beautifuler presence. हाँ मुझे प्यार है इन फूलो से पहाड़ो से पेड़ो से पत्तियों से बहारो से सूखे दरख्तो से लर्बरेज नदियों से चहचहाते पंछियों से उनके गुदगुदाते करकलो से इन बसंत के हवाओं से ये सर्द हवाओ से वादियों में उड़ रहे रंग विरंगी तितलियों से हाँ मुझे प्यार है अपनों से परयो से तुमसे मेरे चाहने वालो से। Yes.. I am in love. Everybody conspired to help me to love you."
"Shashi Kumar आँसू"

01 January 2014

Wish You Very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous New Year 2014- By Shashi Kumar

Wish You Very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous
New Year 2014

#शशि कुमार आँसू