10 July 2014

All things lead to your highest good


“No effort is ever wasted, although some pay dividends later than you think. Do not imagine that you “wasted your time” because something didn’t turn out right. There is no such thing as “waste” in the Universe. Everything — everything — yields benefit. It’s true. And your life will show you this. So don’t decry the “effort that failed.” All things lead to your highest good. You just may not know it yet.” — Neale Donald Walsch


In a #WorldCup of goalkeepers, Romero takes #ARG to their first final in 24 years http://bit.ly/1qWOo08 http://bit.ly/1oIxGhy;


Check out @ShashiAansoo's Tweet: http://bit.ly/1qWOo0b


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