13 September 2008

NEWS about CTRL+C Must Read

About CTRL+C
Very important info must Read

Many people want to save typing and just copy n paste their login info and passwd to the online banking and trading sites... anyone with the knowledge to do so can get your info, Its as simple as u see above, all it takes is a small two line java code using jscript to access your clipboard on the net stickying this topic. u can use this solution ,

But its better to type sensitive information than to CCP it ...
Please be very careful when u press ctrl + c ..
Here is some useful information for all.Ctrl+C may be the most important work we do everyday. But it's not a verysafe thing to do.
Read on to know why.

What happens when you press Ctrl+C while you are On-line... We do copy various data by Ctrl + C for pasting elsewhere. This copied data is stored in clipboard and is accessible from the net bya combination of Java Script's and ASP. Just try this :1 (On ur Risk)
Copy any text by Ctrl + C :2 Click the Link:
http://www.sourcecodesworld.com/special/clipboard.asp :3
You will see the text you copied was accessed by this web page.Do not keep sensitive data (like passwords, credit card numbers, PIN etc.)in the clipboard while surfing the web. It is extremely easy to extractthe text stored in the clipboard to steal your sensitive information.

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