25 September 2008

Wow !! Splender Beauti

kyun auron ki fitrat pe rota hai accha bura to har shaks hota haikushi ki arzoo me hum jisse lipatte hai dard ki sui aksar wohi chubota hai

If Tomorrow Never ComesSometimes late at nightI lie awake and watch her leepingShe's lost in peaceful dreams So I turn out the lights and lay there in the darkAnd the thought crosses my mindIf I never wake up in the...

My Angel Friend
I never thought that I would find
A friend so great and a friend so kind.
I look up to you in every way,
And I learn something from you every day.
Without you I don't know where I'd be
But you're still here and an angel to me.
You deserve so much more than I can give
And without you I don't know how I'd live.
You've given me everything and more,
You're the finest example of what a friend's for.
And I want you to know that I truly do care
Even when I say things that aren't fair.
For you until the end I will fight,
Because when you're around everything is right;
You're an angel sent from God up above
And I'm thankful for your understanding love.
Thanks for being the friend you are
You're my favorite angel by far.
And if it ever seems like I'm not there
Remember I love you and I'll always care.
Have A Wonderful Day

Hum to yun apni zindagi se mile Ajnabi jaise ajnabi se mile
Har wafa aik jurm ho goya
Dost kuch waise berukhi se mile
Phool hi phool hum ne mange the
Daag hi daag zindagi se mile
Hum to yun apni zindagi se mile
Ajnabi jaise ajnabi se mile

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